Digital transformation of the services industry: evidence from _____DENTAL_____ organisations”

Title: ‘Digital transformation of the services industry: evidence from _____DENTAL_____ organisations”

As the title suggests, the article should explore digital transformation (DT) of the services industry
from the assigned sector. Debate and analyse the use and impact of DT technological advances (<link is hidden> Intelligence, smart services, IoT, robotics, blockchain, etc.) in the sector.

While studying, focus on and elaborate the following aspects:

• the nature and characteristics of services (<link is hidden> personalisation, digitisation of services, automated services, smart services, etc.)
• digital transformation in the context of your sector
• digital transformation models
• impact on service employees (<link is hidden> automation, the substitution of labour with technology, skills of service employees, etc.)
• the legal, cultural and ethical implications (<link is hidden> legislation updates, changes on social value
systems, ethics, cultural values, etc.), and
• from an international perspective (<link is hidden> different use of robotics in Japan Vs Australia and USA,
Follow the steps below:
1. Select an article format from the following journals by a) looking at a few articles and b) reading the author guidelines:
• Journal of Service Management;
• Journal of Knowledge Management;
• Journal of Product Innovation Management; and similar.

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