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Social and Political Science

THE EXERCISEIs to demonstrate critical thinking ability, and skills in relating theory or concepts that we study with phenomena or issues observed outside. Students may be wisely expansive or practical minimalist in writing the journals.

THE PROCESSWhile listening to senior people, talking to friends, or watching media you may gain new knowledge of an event, a fact, or analysis with links to the theories, methods, models, or policy tools discussed in this subject.

RECORD: Write clearly but briefly the main features of your ‘new knowledge’ (around 100 words; 20% marks)

RELATE: Very precisely write about the main points in our study of the week that may relate to your ‘new knowledge’ (must cite the ‘source’) (around 200 words; 40%)

REVIEW: Explain connections between your ‘new knowledge’ (the ‘record’)….

Quality Management Tools and Techniques

Individual Project (20%)

Quality Management Tools and Techniques.


Quality Function Deployment

Fall 2020

Due Date: Week 8 (Fall 2020)Deliverable: Individual written report (about 10 pages)Time allotment: You should expect to spend 2 weeks on this project. Grading: 20% of your final course grade. Objectives:

This assignment is primarily aligned with S1 and AR1 of the learning outcomes of the course:

S1 Demonstrate the ability to utilize quality tools learnt in place of work, with examples of practical implementation in public, service and industrial applications).

AR1 Understand the scope of implementation and limitation of each tool and technique.

Select a service or product.

Imagine you are starting your own business and you wish to utilize the QFD technique to help you design and develop your new product or….

‘If Malak hadn’t been there and called for an ambulance, I would have died.’

SECTION B1 – Grammar 

In this section, you need to look at some of the language in the newspaper article and study the language for teaching purposes. Find the underlined sections in the text then choose TWO grammatical structures for which you will provide a full analysis in three sections including Meaning, Form and Pronunciation, as you would do it for students. 

‘If Malak hadn’t been there and called for an ambulance, I would have died.’ ‘It must have been so frightening for Malak ‘in a few years’ time, we’ll be teaching this life-saving skill at school’ Name of the grammatical structure:

Please give the name of this grammatical structure


2a What is the meaning/usage of the structure and how you would use this context to clarify….

Positive Youth Development- Youth life skills

In a 400-500-word discussion post, explain the key tenets (Youth Life Skills) of your chosen perspective, including any relevant theories and models (accurately differentiating between them), and identify three highly detailed and specific ways you may use that perspective to inform your work with athletes, parents, or coaches in a youth sport setting. Before completing this assignment, consider the big picture first – how does your chosen conceptual perspective of PYD shape your broad understanding of youth sport, its problems, and its solutions? Then, consider how that conceptual perspective of PYD can be applied to your work in more concrete, specific ways.

Positive Youth Development Through Sport by: Nicholas L. Holt

Like water for chocolate

Look at the course’s 7 central concepts presented below, select at least one of them and make an outline of an essay (HL essay) based on Like Water for Chocolate – I would highly appreciate if you could come up with several outlines focusing on different concepts.

1. Identity – representation on the identity of a particular character or a group of characters, or how the work itself relates to the identity of the writer;

2. Culture – representation of the culture of a particular place or a group of people, or how the work itself relates to a particular culture;

3. Creativity – representation of individual or collective creativity/lack of creativity within the work, or how the work itself represents the creativity of the writer;

4. Communication….