Like water for chocolate

Look at the course’s 7 central concepts presented below, select at least one of them and make an outline of an essay (HL essay) based on Like Water for Chocolate – I would highly appreciate if you could come up with several outlines focusing on different concepts.

1. Identity – representation on the identity of a particular character or a group of characters, or how the work itself relates to the identity of the writer;

2. Culture – representation of the culture of a particular place or a group of people, or how the work itself relates to a particular culture;

3. Creativity – representation of individual or collective creativity/lack of creativity within the work, or how the work itself represents the creativity of the writer;

4. Communication – representation of acts of communication/failures of communication in the work, or how the work itself is an act of communication;

5. Transformation – how the work represents an act of transformation of other works (intertextual references) or of the reality (by means of transformative effects on the reader’s identity, relationships, goals, values and beliefs);

6. Perspective – representation of a particular perspective within the work, or how the work itself represents the writer’s perspective;

7. Representation – how the work represents different themes/ attitudes/concept, or how literature can actually represent reality.

Having chosen a particular concept, define a potential title for the essay based on the general description of the concept, single out 3 to 5 conceptual points in the form of PIEs (to be later summarised in the introduction and the conclusion) with a topic sentence and references to the text (quotes) supplied with page numbers in brackets.

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