Social and Political Science

Is to demonstrate critical thinking ability, and skills in relating theory or concepts that we study with phenomena or issues observed outside. Students may be wisely expansive or practical minimalist in writing the journals.

While listening to senior people, talking to friends, or watching media you may gain new knowledge of an event, a fact, or analysis with links to the theories, methods, models, or policy tools discussed in this subject.

RECORD: Write clearly but briefly the main features of your ‘new knowledge’ (around 100 words; 20% marks)

RELATE: Very precisely write about the main points in our study of the week that may relate to your ‘new knowledge’ (must cite the ‘source’) (around 200 words; 40%)

REVIEW: Explain connections between your ‘new knowledge’ (the ‘record’) and the theories (the ‘Relate’), and any thoughts (<link is hidden> ‘what’, ‘why’ or ‘how’) of the ‘connection’ with a new analysis. Must use logic and AVOIDE any prejudice (unsubstantiated opinion) or bias (favoring or disfavoring an occurrence, fact, or view for personal
preference without any evidence or logic). Must provide reference, as appropriate (around 200 words: 40%)

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Effects of a Cigarette Price Increase on the Smoking Behavior of Smokers and Non-Smokers

READ EMPIRICAL PROJECT PDF EXAMPLE PAPER ALSO ATTACHEDYou will use <link is hidden> to estimate the smoking rate and cigarette consumption after the cigarette priceincrease in Jan. 2015. The source of the….

Cities and Sustainability

Subject: Cities and SustainabilityPolicy Brief – The assignment is a policy brief and my topic is DIET CHANGE/CARBON FAST. I choose to do a change in my diet for a….

House Taken Over

Reading Assignment: Julio Cortázar “House Taken Over” pp. 691 – 696. Writing Assignment:  Response 8   ̶   Choose one of the reading selections and write your reaction/response to it.            E.g.  what….