Topic: Ethical issues in business

  1. Expected length: Five-minute presentation (Figure about 8 slides total, depending upon how much explanation will accompany each slide.)

Each slide must include notes on what presenters would discuss when displaying that slide, including research citation.

  • Accompanying essay: 3 pages in length, with a title, explained below.

PLEASE NOTE the expected page lengthof the essay. I want more examination of your process than a summary of the issue.


This PowerPoint must be suitable for presentation to the class and professor please

  1.  Topic Ethical issues in business.
  2. Choose a PowerPoint template appropriate for your topic.
  3. Present a definition or description of your topic, giving its Business and economic, context.
  4. Make your argument about this topic—your point of view on the matter—and discuss how you think the issues in the topic should be resolved or go forward.
  5. There must be an issue with more than one side of expert’s opinions. Don’t just go over information and give a summary. Make this presentation your own views of your profession.
  6. The project must include technical language from your profession(s).
  7. Include notes at the bottom of each slide. These notes explain the information presented in outline form, so that a presenter could expand on PowerPoint slides for an audience.
  1. Reference sources must be quoted and cited within the PowerPoint in appropriate citation style (APA ) and at the end of the document on a References (APA) page.
  2. Five reference sources are required. You may use additional sources, of course.
  3. At least two sources must be academic journals from the SMSU databases or other credible sites.
  4. You must include graphics in your presentation.
  5. Prepare the slides for your PowerPoint.
  • Plan the PowerPoint as if it would be a ten-minute presentation with time afterwards for questions.
  • Include notes about the slide.
  • Include correct source citations within the notes and also at the end/References or Works Cited page of the presentation).
  • Include a References or Works Cited page (depending on your discipline) in the citation style appropriate for your discipline.

B) Short essay

Your PowerPoint must be accompanied by an essay of three-four pages submitted in a different file attachment. It will discuss:

  1. Why you chose your topic from the list.
  2. How you conducted research.
  3. How you decided to organize the slides.
  4. What reasons you had for the graphics you created or selected.
  5. How you edited for mechanical correctness.
  6. How you created reference citations and made sure they were correct.

B) Grades are determined by

  • Grasp of topic.
  • Content, research, logic and organization of slides and notes.
  • Visual layout—inclusion of graphics and photographs where appropriate.
  • Language appropriate to your discipline, including specialized terms, such as flipped classroom for a project on teaching pedagogy or asana for a project on incorporating yoga poses into an exercise program for athletes.  
  • Evidence of two or more research sources from credible academic sources—at least two from library databases.
  • Use of quotations from at least three research sources within the PowerPoint, with internal citations in your disciplinary citation style.
  • A correctly-structured References (APA style) or Works Cited (MLA style) page at the end of the presentation.
  • Length of approximately 10 slides
  • Proper grammar, writing mechanics  
  • Organization, content, and writing mechanics of essay.
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