Communications Management/project management

The CEO reminds you that communications was a challenge in the last anniversary party and has asked that you provide a presentation to the senior management team outlining the processes of project communications management, why they are important, and how it will be applied to this project (see course module 5). Create a PowerPoint presentation that does the following:
1) Outlines the key elements of project communications as described in the PMBOK
2) Explains why the associated processes are important
3) Explains how you will apply these techniques for the project
Post a PowerPoint presentation. Required length is 7-10 content slides with notes (use the notes field as if you are speaking). Include an additional slide at the end for identifying references
Ref PMBOK, Chapter 10

Anniversary ref info:
The CEO has indicated to you that the 40th anniversary celebration could have been executed more effectively as there were several individuals within the headquarters and at other divisions that felt excluded from the event. Additionally, vendors were not aligned well with entertainment, staging, or the celebration dinner. Communications throughout the project life cycle were often fragmented, inconsistent, and often not well understood.

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