Effectiveness of Tight Glycaemic Control for Post-operative Patient in Reduction of Surgical Site Infection

Background and Objective:
Most surgical site infections in patients are caused by hyperglycemia and lack of tight glycemic control and close monitoring. Some studies show that glycemic control helps in reducing surgical site infections and improving mortality. Therefore, the objective of this critical review is to analyse these studies and to determine the association between tight glycemic control and the reduction of surgical site infections in patients.

This is a critical review from databases such as PubMed, CNHAL, and Cochrane and includes ten studies. The search strategy followed was according to PRISMA guidelines and requirements. The eligibility criteria for the review were also set to ensure that the articles obtained met the set requirements.

A total of 493 studies were obtained. Of these, 253 were duplicates and hence removed. The remaining articles were further screened and reviewed and only ten studies were left as they met the eligibility criteria for the review. Regardless of the variations in the studies caused by factors such as study methodologies, variables, and sample sizes used, the studies had a common conclusion that there was an association between tight glycemic control and surgical site infections for patients who had undergone surgery.

The studies had a common agreement that tight glycemic control in patients reduces their risk of postoperative surgical site infections. Therefore, maintaining a tight and close glycemic monitoring helps patients recover quickly as the risk for such postoperative surgical infections reduces. This reduces their ICU and hospital stay periods and also the mortality rates of the patients. Hence, healthcare experts such as doctors and nurses should closely monitor patients after surgery to reduce their risk of being infected with such disease which may slow their recovery rates.

The above is an abstract written before, but I am not happy with it since it didn’t mention the key findings and the conclusion is not objective. So please help to rewrite one or edit the above one. thanks !

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