Japanese Civilization

Discuss (in 500 to 700 words) 1) the breakdown of the imperial state that lead to the Genpei Wars, 2) the various ways in which the new bipolar political order of Heian and Kamakura transformed Japan (socially, culturally, economically) 3) the effect of the attempted Mongol invasions, 4) the cultural legacy of the Genpei wars, 5) political, economic, and cultural developments during the Ashikaga shogunate up to the Ōnin War.

The assignment is due Thursday October 22 at 10 am if you want it graded before the Friday October 23 discussion section; you may also submit it by Friday October 23 at 10pm, and will receive your grade the following week.

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Individual coursework critical writing

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Research Prospectus

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Project Charter theory

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