Many historians see genocide as a phenomenon that is unique to the 20th century

Many historians see genocide as a phenomenon that is unique to the 20th century. Although the deportation and extermination of ethnic, racial, and religious groups is nothing new, they argue that the particular form it takes in the 20th century is unique and makes it different from earlier periods. Your assignment is to compare the cases we are studying in module 5 to cases we have talked about in earlier modules. What, if anything, stands out to you as unique and distinct in the Armenian Genocide or the Holocaust, when you think about it in comparison to what we’ve covered earlier in the course? Conversely, what looks the same (or similar)? In your post, you should draw on details from the lectures in module 5, and the readings (esp. Primo Levi.) To be clear, you do not need to draw on all of them; you can use either the lectures, or the readings, or both, as you wish, but your post should rely on concrete material from the course, and it should not be simply an expression of your opinion. (The point is, your view should be based on evidence from the course material.) It should be approx. 100 words long. And as always, you do not need to respond to all my prompts. Choose whatever is most interesting, or easiest, for you to write about.

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