My topic is Rational Choice Theory

Final Paper Assignment Instructions

Select a criminological theory of your choice based on the theories presented in the textbook for to be covered in this course.
Locate one journal article that supports your theory and one journal article that does not support your theory.
You must use only a peer reviewed journal such as Criminology, Criminology and Public Policy, Justice Quarterly, or Police Quarterly within the last five years.
You are not limited to these journals but are specifically restricted from using Wikipedia or similar encyclopedic sources.
You may use the Internet for research and you must cite appropriately all Internet resources used for this paper.
Write a 5-page paper describing the theory and the article’s findings. Be sure to outline the principle tenets that were supported and those that were not.
After analyzing the theory, state concluding thoughts: Should this theory be accepted or rejected when creating crime control policies? Why?

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