Topic 1 The effects of temperature on cycling performance

Studies have shown that prolonged exercising in heat results in increased fatigue and a decrease in performance. However, the reasons for this still remain unclear. The aim of this study was to determine how various temperatures affected the performance of cyclists on a 40km time trial.
Data Collection Eight male cyclists completed four 40km-timed trials under differing temperatures (17 0C, 22 0C, 27 0C and 32 0C). Trials were conducted in an environmental chamber.
The bike used was an electromagnetically braked cycle ergometer. Three variables, power output, heart rate, and core body temperature were recorded during the trial. Power output (in Watts) was recorded at a frequency of 1 Hertz. Heart rate was recorded at a beat-by-beat frequency using a Polar heart monitor, and core body temperature was recorded using a rectal thermometer (self-inserted) attached to a data-logger which recorded at a frequency of 1 Hz. Participants received no verbal
encouragement during the trials.
See Data Set 1 (power output only)
Useful References:
Abbiss, C.R. & Laursen, P.B. (2005). Models to explain fatigue during prolonged
endurance cycling. Sports Medicine, 35(10), 865-898.
Abbiss, C.R., Peiffer, J.J., Peake, J.M., Nosaka, K, Suzuki, K, Martin, D.T. and
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muscle fatigue development in endurance-trained male cyclists. J. Appl. Physiol.,
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weather on marathon-running performance. Med Sci Sports Exerc., 39, 487-493.

You must include 4 – 8 appropriate references presented in Vancouver style

The whole report and its requirements: (1500 words)

your task will be to write a structured report on the topic. To do this you will have to:

a)    research the topic to be able to present background information with references to appropriate sources.

b)    note how the data was collected and explain why this was an appropriate form of experiment/survey for this study.

c)    analyse the given data (as a minimum you need to calculate a mean and the standard deviation).

d)    present the results in at least one Figure (e.g. in a suitable graph).

e)    write a results section.

f)     write a discussion section, where you will explain your results and develop an argument using your references.

g)    present a logical conclusion summarising the outcomes of the study in the wider context of this research topic.

(The topic to write on is attached below)

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