Vignette of Developmental Stage

ASSIGNMENT TWO DETAILS OF TASK – Vignette of Developmental Stage

As a counsellor, you are to create a case study and choose an issue commonly faced by an adolescent of 15 years of age. For example, an issue may be one of the following or something else that you and your lecturer agree upon. For example, issues could include gaming addiction, gambling, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, relationship issues, family violence/dysfunction, teen pregnancy, poor academic achievement, sexual identity, online bullying, social anxiety, depression and so on.

  1. Provide a short case study to describe how the client has presented to counselling. This will be a short introduction to your essay and will include information about the client including gender and background, and how the client was referred to you as a counsellor.
  • . Please define the client’s issue, the aetiology, and prevalence in adolescence.
  •  Discuss any concerns for the client’s future well-being if this issue is not addressed, in terms of physiological, cognitive, sociological and emotional development.
  •  Provide a comprehensive discussion and justification of the chosen contemporary approach and what other strategies you may consider when enlisting support from external agencies.

Note: Sections 2, 3 and 4 need to be underpinned by the relevant theory, literature and research and
adhere to APA referencing and style.

●   Make sure you relate your discussion directly to the case at hand.
●   Write this in essay format, and do not answer as individual questions.
●   You must use academic references throughout the essay. A combination of theory, research and analysis will be required.
●   APA style must be used within the body of the essay and in the final reference list. (See below for information about APA style)

●   When using references they need to be relevant to the case. Minimum amount of references is 20.
●   There is plenty of scope within each section for you to explore the issues creatively and on your particular area of interest.

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