What is Sustainability? (students are not limited to the video to answer this question.


After watching, complete the question/answer document provided under the Module 9 – Task 1 folder.

  1. What is Sustainability? (students are not limited to the video to answer this question. Use any resource needed to respond here)
  • Summarize the qualifications of each of the individuals on this sustainable agriculture discussion panel. Be sure not to just list where each panelist works but what they have done or do or study that qualifies them to be experts in this field.      (1 to 2 sentences per panelist):

Dr. Jerry Glover –

Nadine Azzu –

Ben Jordan –

Jose Andres –

  • In your opinion, what are the 5 most profound points made – basically ‘take aways’ – from ‘Why Sustainable Food Systems Matter’?

Listen/read the story, then answer the questions in the Word document provided called


1. What is the problem or dilemma or situation in this story?

2. Who is on each side of this story? (not specific names but groups or organizations)

3. What is your opinion of this story and the situations or problems presented? Are there any ‘sides’ to         be taken and, if so, what side would you take? Expand on your answers

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