What is the “forbidden triad”?


  1. What is the “forbidden triad”? Have you ever experienced one personally? According to Granovetter, forbidden triads are supposed to be unusual- so in your case, what caused it, and does your experience mean that Granovetter was wrong?
  2. In class, we identified a few possible limitations of Milgram’s original study of the small-world problem. If you were to try to replicate this study today, how would you redesign it to overcome some of those limitations?
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Individual coursework critical writing

This is a critical essay of 2000 words excluding references. you can go over the word limit by 200 words only . everything is explained in the assessment sheet attached….

Research Prospectus

A two- to three-paragraph statement describing the <link is hidden> statement should begin with at least one paragraph introducing and explaining the general topic area and introducing any vocabulary and background necessary….

Project Charter theory

Describe the purpose of each element of the project charter and discuss the theory behind each element. Using appropriately cited paraphrasing, you are expected to include and draw on the….