Who is your favorite actress or actor? Explain you choice and their best roles. What makes the characters compelling.

09 14 Who is your favorite actress or actor? Explain you choice and their best roles. What makes the characters compelling.

09 16 Based on your own ideas, are you MORE likely to agree with democratic theory or elite theory? Which one ACTUALLY describes the world? Which one SHOULD describe a PERFECT world?

09 20 How do we know when rules are fair or not? What are some of the signs of unfair rules? Example from real life?

09 23 Do you think that you — personally — could you TRULY tell the difference between oligarchy and aristocracy? What clues would you look for? Do you know any oligarchs or aristocrats? (In person or the <link is hidden> How would describe them?

09 30 Halloween Question
Please LIST two or three Halloween costumes that you have worn.
Please describe each one in its own sentence. What made it a good costume at the time?
How were you a little bit different each year?
How were you MOSTLY the same throughout the years?

(NOT everyone “celebrates” Halloween — you could also write about how your personal styles CHANGED as you moved from school-to-college or from workplace-to-workplace or from place-to-place (if you have moved). BUT, include how you STAYED the same.)

(ALSO in some parts of the world, there are things LIKE Halloween but that are not called Halloween. These could also work for our journal. )

10 05 — Human Nature
Do you think that there is such a thing as human nature?
If yes, what evidence would you mention?
If yes, what is it (human nature) like?
If yes, where does come from?
If no, why not?
If no, how do we know how to interact with other people?
If no, What separates us from bull dogs and butterflies?

10 07 – Nature in General
What is nature?
What makes it unique?
How is NATURE different than Life-As-Is.
For example, in Long Island City, RIGHT NOW, there are very tall buildings — BUT — most of us would say that there are NOT nature.
So then, what is nature?
How MUCH are people a part of nature?

10 14 — Worldview — Most of us have a set of assumption or beliefs about the world. In German, they have a word for it Weltanschtung — yes, it is a real word, at least in Germany. We THINK that the world WORKS in certain ways. Maybe we believe that “Hard work always pays off” OR maybe we believe that “Crime is the only thing that REALLY pays.” Sometimes people say that our BELIEFS create our future: this may or may NOT be true; but , people still SAY it.

Is there any way to think about things WITHOUT relying on a worldview? Is there any to see NEW options that are NOT based on old assumptions?

10 19 First, what is your own definition of LIBERTY?
Second, What does it mean to be free?

10 21 How would you define property? Describe one item of property that is important to you and EXPLAIN its value.
(If you are stuck there is an easy one that starts with the letter “Ph”). How does this item connect to your definition?

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