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What actions do the Ivanovics take to create a unique culture at Iggy’s? What are the costs and benefits of this culture as the organization grows?

Case Study: Iggy’s Bread of the World

Please answer the questions related to the case.Meet the requirements:font 12, space 1,5 (you can do double and I will make it 1,5 – it does not matter. Or you can do 1,5, but please no more than 1,700 words) Just give a concrete answer on question, right to the point. It might be that answer on one question will be longer than on another.

use additional academic sources and make sure that you follow citation rules (academic like ebsco, jstor or other academic)

1. Analyze the business model – the original one and the new one – using the Business Model Canvas.2. Analyze the value proposition – the original one and the new one – using the Value Proposition Canvas.3…..

AP Themes in World Literature

AP Themes in World LiteratureLiterary Argument Rubric (out-of-class)4 – Exceeding Mastery 3 – Mastery 2 – Approaching Mastery 1 – Still DevelopingI write effective, insightfulliterary arguments to supportall claims in a substantiveanalysis of texts, using validreasoning and ample relevantevidence.I write literary arguments tosupport all claims in asubstantive analysis of texts,using valid reasoning andrelevant and sufficientevidence.I write literary arguments tosupport claims in an analysis oftexts, using faulty reasoningand/or limited evidence.I attempt to write literaryarguments.Success Criteria How Well Am I Doing? Teacher FeedbackSuccess may include some or all of the following:Focus & Organization• Paper is grounded in a well-written thesis statement thataddresses the prompt• Paper uses paragraphing to establish introduction, development ofbody paragraphs, and conclusion• Paper establishes proper foundational thinking and then builds inlogic and insight• Paper utilizes sub-claims (….

Critically assess and discuss the adequacy and quality of your diet and nutrition habits

Report QuestionCritically assess and discuss the adequacy and quality of your diet and nutrition habits. Use information gathered in your food diary and photo journal to guide you.

[Instructions for this assessment are provided in italic.]

[You may like to use sectioning/headings that can help organise your answer in addition to the headings below. Word count excluding in-text and final references, appendices and tables: 1200 words.

Remove all text in square brackets before submitting.]



[You should frame your answer around how well your average dietary intake fits with Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADGs) food groups while writing in a formal way].

Comparison to guidelines and links to scientific evidence

[Compare your intakes from the two-day food record to the ADG food groups recommended serving sizes for your….

Assume you represent Donna. Articulate an argument supporting a change of custody

Module 4 Discussion

A. Initial Post

James and Donna were the parents of two daughters, Emily, presently age 14, and Sarah, presently age 10.  Four years ago, James and Donna separated after 12 years of marriage.   Emily was 10 and Sara was 6 when the parties separated. At separation, the James and the parties’ two daughters remained in the marital home, while Donna  lived nearby and maintained regular visitation with the children. A year later, Donna  moved to Louisville, Kentucky.  

Both parties sought to obtain a divorce.James filed his complaint for an absolute divorce first, in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, alleging separation for more than an year. Donna countered by filing her complaint for divorce on the grounds of voluntary separation in excess of one year. Both….

What are some of the important issues that need to be considered when discussing the Digital Divide?

Over the next few weeks, we will take a look at some important contemporary social problems in order to get us in the habit of thinking from an interdisciplinary social science perspective.

This week, we will explore the Digital Divide as a social justice issue.

View the video at the following link to learn more about the Digital Divide: <link is hidden> />Next, read the following article about the global digital divide, paying careful attention to the introduction, discussion and conclusion while skimming over the methodology and analysis sections.

Ayanso, A., Cho, D. I., &amp;amp; Lertwachara, K. (2014). Information and Communications Technology Development and the Digital Divide: A Global and Regional Assessment. Information Technology For Development, 20(1), 60-77. doi:10.1080/02681102.2013.797378

PURL:<link is hidden> />After reviewing these resources, respond to the following questions:


In your own words, what does it mean to be a social scientist?

Discussion Question: You have chosen a major that is interdisciplinary in nature. For this discussion topic, respond to the following questions:

1) In your own words, what does it mean to be a social scientist? 2) What is the distinction between &quot;multidisciplinary and &quot;interdisciplinary ? 3) Why interdisciplinarity? What are the advantages? Are there any downfalls?

Please support your arguments using sources from any of your previous BEHS courses or empirical sources from the library. (Don&#x27;t worry if you haven&#x27;t held onto your previous texts from other courses. Library sources will suffice.) This is a key aspect of this conference posting — Because this is a Capstone course, it requires you to draw on the things you have learned and resources from your previous courses to answer these….

Scope and Standards of practice

Scope and standards of practice statement for your APN specialty which is (Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMNHP) )

RubricPortfolio Submission Rubric: Practice-Based Evidence – Scope and Standards of practice for the APN specialty (PMNHP)

RatingsThis criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Scope and Standards of Practice for the APN SpecialtyAs part of the Portfolio Submission Rubric, the scope and standards of practice for the APN specialty fall under the Practice-based evidence requirement.References within last 5 yrs

Chuck E. Cheese’s bankruptcy

Include your company’s current and proposed new mission statement, if applicable. Explain the intent of the mission statement in detail.Develop your company’s current vision and proposed a new vision if applicable. Remember, a well-conceived vision consists of two major components: core ideology and envisioned future. The core ideology is unchanging while the envisioned future is what we aspire to become, to achieve. Make sure to distinguish between each of those aspects of the vision. Explain the intent of the vision statement in detail. How does the vision synchronize with the future environment? You may include future organizational alignments, new customer bases and impacts from the external environments.Discuss the company’s strategic relationships. Discuss your key stakeholders. Who are your strategic partners?Include graphics which present at least one of the….