Chuck E. Cheese’s bankruptcy

Include your company’s current and proposed new mission statement, if applicable. Explain the intent of the mission statement in detail.
Develop your company’s current vision and proposed a new vision if applicable. Remember, a well-conceived vision consists of two major components: core ideology and envisioned future. The core ideology is unchanging while the envisioned future is what we aspire to become, to achieve. Make sure to distinguish between each of those aspects of the vision. Explain the intent of the vision statement in detail. How does the vision synchronize with the future environment? You may include future organizational alignments, new customer bases and impacts from the external environments.
Discuss the company’s strategic relationships. Discuss your key stakeholders. Who are your strategic partners?
Include graphics which present at least one of the following analyses as they supplement this section (you’re encouraged to use more than one):
Stakeholder Analysis (Appendix I)
SWOT analysis (Appendix L)
Gap analysis (Appendix M)
(Note, the attachments are intended to help you through the process of carrying out each analysis. You may use other resources. There are many tutorials and explainer videos that explain how to carry out each of these analyses.
What are the guiding principles of your company?
[These are guidelines that drive behavior or a mind set when executed as part of the strategic and operational plans. These are not values (read about the difference in the handout) but should be influenced by the company’s values

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