Critically assess and discuss the adequacy and quality of your diet and nutrition habits

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Critically assess and discuss the adequacy and quality of your diet and nutrition habits. Use information gathered in your food diary and photo journal to guide you.

[Instructions for this assessment are provided in italic.]

[You may like to use sectioning/headings that can help organise your answer in addition to the headings below. Word count excluding in-text and final references, appendices and tables: 1200 words.

Remove all text in square brackets before submitting.]



[You should frame your answer around how well your average dietary intake fits with Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADGs) food groups while writing in a formal way].

Comparison to guidelines and links to scientific evidence

[Compare your intakes from the two-day food record to the ADG food groups recommended serving sizes for your age and gender. Comment in detail about your diet and why you may or may not have achieved the recommendations. Evaluate, reflect and analyse some short or long-term ramifications of your adequacy or inadequacy of your diet in comparison to these recommendations. You may briefly comment on some of the other relevant specific nutrients from the Australian Composition Database (ACD) you have also recorded. You do NOT need to evaluate and comment on all the nutrients from the ACD, 2 or so will be ample. Select the most interesting to you, or ones that may have been over or under the recommended daily intake.  The majority of your suggested improvements to your diet should be saved for your video, in Appendix B]

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