Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Simply when the client will register via our online application by paying some amount of money, we will direct them to a physician or dietitian and the dietician will recommend a specific diet for our client and we will have a contract with a restaurant or individual who will cook healthy food and deliver the food to the client. We might also connect our clients with special access to a gym and personal training. We will be facilitating everything and getting our commission. Also, in the future, we are planning to operate globally and let our clients choose his/her Dietitians from their own countries speaking the same language.

Important note: we will not have a big office (only very few employees in a small office) in the beginning and will have fewer expenses as we will just connect our people to the dietician or restaurant or gym and get our commission. Also, currently, we are Qatar based only and our Currency is Qatari Riyal so, prepare the financials in Qatari Riyal only.

Now, my part is to cover the below parts (from the attached Outline of Business Plan ix and x)

Please message me whenever you have any doubt.

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