Identify the category of research design used (ie. pre-experimental, quasi-experimental or true experimental)

This should be a comprehensive explanation of your research design. The Methods section (Approx needs to provide enough detail for a reviewer to evaluate whether or not it is sound methodology. It should demonstrate that the researcher understands the problem and has developed a procedure that is focused and will meet the research objectives.

Identify the category of research design used (ie. pre-experimental, quasi-experimental or true experimental).
Identify if this is applied or basic research and why.
Describe where the study would take place (exact location)
Describe the data collection method.
Describe the population and population size. A population number is required. YOU MUST also include a citation (document or personal communication) for the population number.
Sample selection method, sample size. A sample size number is required.
Describe your margin of error. This is a projection, since once your data is collected it may change.

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Data Collection & Analysis

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Data Collection & Analysis
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What are quasi experimental designs?

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309 quasi experimental designs

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