“In faraway places, men dreamed of this moment. But for some men, the moment is very different from the dream.”

For this section, I’d like you to read and think about the following assigned materials:

– First 15 minutes of “Let there Be Light” (1946)

– “Film about WWII Soldiers that the Army Suppressed is Restored,” (2012)

– “Russia v the West: Is this a new Cold War?” (2018)

– President Eisenhower, the Chance for Peace (1953). Audio of the most famous part of the speech begins at 11:12.

– America and the Beginnings of the Cold War (2013)

Links to these readings are in this section of the course.

After reviewing the assigned readings, address the following writing journal prompt:

“In this section, we are reading about a world that suffers through the largest economic downturn in history to that point in time (the Great Depression), was engulfed in the greatest war mankind has ever participated in (World War II), and emerged from it the wealthiest nation in human history. But, as the film puts so eloquently, “In faraway places, men dreamed of this moment. But for some men, the moment is very different from the dream.”

After watching the movie “Let there Be Light” and reviewing the accompanying readings, discuss how the America dealt with issues related to fighting wars, both “hot” and “cold.” Does the fact that the film was created, then suppressed by the government, tell us anything about how these issues were dealt with changed over time? Why might showing the film be an issue for the United States during the Cold War with the Soviet Union?

Write at least a paragraph (5 or more sentences). The readings for this section can help give you important background on the topic, and make sure to use an in-text citations to let the reader know what you are using. It is good practice for the section exam, where in-text citations are required. Your response will be graded “Complete” for full marks, or “Incomplete” if no post is made or the post does not fulfill the requirements.

To earn a “Complete:”

– the post should be at least a paragraph (5 or more sentences).

– the post should reference the readings in this section with in-text citations.

– the post should be on topic and in your words.

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