In your own words, what does it mean to be a social scientist?

Discussion Question: You have chosen a major that is interdisciplinary in nature. For this discussion topic, respond to the following questions:

1) In your own words, what does it mean to be a social scientist?

2) What is the distinction between "multidisciplinary and "interdisciplinary ?

3) Why interdisciplinarity? What are the advantages? Are there any downfalls?

Please support your arguments using sources from any of your previous BEHS courses or empirical sources from the library. (Don't worry if you haven't held onto your previous texts from other courses. Library sources will suffice.) This is a key aspect of this conference posting — Because this is a Capstone course, it requires you to draw on the things you have learned and resources from your previous courses to answer these questions.

When writing your posts, it is very important that you focus not just on summary but also on analysis. These posts are how I determine your mastery of the material and your critical thinking. Remember:

Make sure you start your initial post as a New Thread in the LEO Discussion board, or I might not find it when I grade.
Your first paragraph needs to be an introduction to your post.
Your final paragraph should be a conclusion which pulls your ideas together.
Your middle paragraphs should discuss your arguments.
All posts need to be written in APA style and cite resources. You are encouraged to draw on resources from your courses across your entire major. There is not a lot of new information learned in this course, as I want to see you bringing together all of what you have learned at UMGC.
Please check your post against the Guide for Good Writing before you submit it, as points will be deducted if you make those common writing errors. (This document is located in the Writing Resources module.)

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