Write a short summary on the role I played in the negotiation simulation role-play exercise, and the ultimate outcome.

In this scenario I was acting as Schmidt (a retired executive). Attached you can find more details about my role.

The exercise was including 5 members included Mrs. Khalid (a lawyer), Schmidt (a retired executive), Mrs. Gupta (a dentist with three children), Mrs. Yamamoto (a small business person whose foundation was cracked during the earlier construction project), and Hanson (a painting contractor with two children), and all of us we have to do a negotiation session with VP. All of us raise what is the issue with the project (you can find more details in the case study attached) the negotiation session took 40 minutes and we were upset of the project ( you can see why in the case study that I will attach it) but in the end the outcome of it was we agreed and happy with the offers that come from the VP.

So, this report supposed to be as a reflective essay will be on the role-play simulation exercise which is Schmidt (a retired executive) so please don’t write about others.

This essay is 1000 words (+/- 10%) and is the reflection based on the character you played Schmidt (a retired executive). The observer will complete this essay from an observer’s perspective of how the negotiations went.

The reflective essay should answer the following:

  • Write a short summary on the role I played in the negotiation simulation role-play exercise, and the ultimate outcome.
  • Briefly narrate what was done right and wrong in the negotiations. Consider including the following points:
    • The most important things you and your opponent did right in your negotiations;
    • The most important things you and your opponent did wrong in your negotiations;
    • How and why these things were important and had a consequential impact on the negotiation outcome;
    • what you learned from this.

Points to note while writing the essay:

  • Reflect on how the relevant theories, concepts, frameworks and academic literature that you learned during the course shaped your judgement and decision-making please use the following:
    • Cultural Dimensions Theory
    • Salacuse’s Framework on Business Negotiations
    • Conflict Management ( here to explain what style represent me)
  • Analyse, synthesise and critique theories and literature as you write.
  • Follow Harvard Referencing Style for your references. Tables, diagrams, references, footnotes and appendices will not be included in the word count,  
  • citations within the content will be included in the word count.
  • Avoid plagiarising.

Report Requirements:

  • Word limit 1000 (+/-10% including references)
  • Place word count on front page.
  • Type Font: Calibri
  • Font size: 11 point print
  • Spacing: 1 ½
  • Margins: Justified RHS and LHS
  • Reference: Harvard Format
  • Following Harvard Format, you MUST accurately acknowledge sources used – in text attribution and full reference at end of work. Moreover, all direct quotes must be placed in speech marks and follow with Author (s), year, page number(s), with full reference at end

You MUST use credible (Scholarly) sources –NO reference to UKessays or

Marking grid for reflective essay:

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