You’ll see a map of the United States. In the left corner there is a small icon with a globe on it. Click on it. A window will open with multiple options

A)Go to,-140.97656&extent=56.17002,-49.04297

Follow the directions below:

a)      You’ll see a map of the United States. In the left corner there is a small icon with a globe on it. Click on it. A window will open with multiple options. Choose: WORLD

b)      On the right corner there is a small icon with layers. Click on it. Choose the option: OCEAN. Make sure that PLATE BOUNDARIES option is checked.

c)      Also click on US HAZARDS.

d) for the next few questions keep the website active you’ll need to get back to it

1.      Look at the map that you created. The dots represent earthquakes that happened in the last 24 hours all over the globe. In relationship to the tectonic plate boundaries, where do most of the earthquakes occur? Explain why they occur there.2- Using the map created at question 1.

As mentioned, each dot on the map represents an earthquake. Look at the legend and pick the most recent earthquake shown on the map. Click on the dot to get all the possible information. Keep this web page open as you’ll needed for the next few questions. 

a.       What is the absolute location of the most recent earthquake and what was it named? Indicate the “name” of the earthquake, the latitude and the longitude

  b) At what time did the earthquake happen?

c)At what depth did the earthquake happen?

d) What was the magnitude of the earthquake?

2-Using the map created at question 1, showing the selected earthquake.

Take a screenshot of your map showing the selected earthquake and attach it here.

4- Using the same map that you created so far, and

Considering the location and the magnitude of the earthquake that you chose, what could be some of the possible hazards associated with this earthquake? If it was just a small earthquake, you can just say: NONE.

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