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Comparison Shopping & Country PESTS Infographic

HW#2 – Comparison Shopping & Country PESTS Infographic

75 Points


As a product developer, there are 2 keys points to successful product lines – know your customer (target market) and know your competition.  In developing your design concept for your course project, you have already identified in HW#1 who your target customer should be.  Next you need to research your competition.  Not only can you better understand their product quality and price point (Part I) to make sure that your product is competitive but you can also learn about their sourcing strategy (you’ll cover this in Part II). 



In order to complete this portion of the assignment, you will access online a mid-tier or better/contemporary  retail site/store  that….

Research Paper – Supply Management and Procurement

Research Paper – Supply Management and Procurement

Focus of the Research Paper

Use at least one project you have been a team member of, or a project manager for, as an example to contextualize the research topics below: PROJECT: Purchase Program Manager for VA Medical Center – Remodeling of Laboratory.

All the following topics must be addressed:

• Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Conclusion• Define the importance Supply Management and Procurement and how this relates to selecting qualified suppliers.• Discuss how to select strategies for Negotiating Prices.• Assemble the steps of creating a project supply, service, and material budget from detailed requirements.• Illustrate the benefits and costs of outsourcing, and the growth pattern of outsourcing.• Evaluation of the various organizations that are benchmarks in supply management and procurement, and….

Pressures of Expansion in Japan, Russia, and China, which points to a theme, one of nations and empires

Tignor, et. al. presents a wonderful section within Chapter 17 titled Pressures of Expansion in Japan, Russia, and China, which points to a theme, one of nations and empires. Within this discussion area you will need to explore said theme, comparing and contrasting expansionism within Japan, Russia, and China, and the eventual conflicts that arose over varying possessions in East Asia.

Consideration should be given to internal modernization; the emerging role of technology; reform movements; the treatment of people – <link is hidden> colonial subjects, women, etc.; wars; and a noted threat posed by the West. And finally, of the three countries, which one appears to have garnered the most success?

Please cite Tignor’s Worlds together, Worlds apart vol 2

Selections from “The Histories” by Herodotus

Selections from “The Histories” by Herodotus. Herodotus chronicled the events of his time. Although his stories contain facts he also took some liberties with the events.The 1998 comic book series 300 written and illustrated by Frank Miller. This graphic novel presents a fictional retelling of the three day event through the eyes of Leonidas of Sparta. Miller was inspired by the 1962 film The 300 Spartans which he had seen as a child. Also read the Text interview with <link is hidden> in a new windowThe movie 300 produced in 2007. Hollywood adapted a film version of Miller’s comic by the same name.Based on your reading of Worlds Together, Worlds Apart, and either Herodotus or the comic 300, as well as your viewing of the Hollywood film 300:

Analyze the….

The Rise of Global Prophets and Philosophers: Alternative Visions to Secular Modernity

Your task is to choose an individual or group from the list noted below, and present an argument as to how they would have viewed the ideas found in the Communist Manifesto – simply put, would they have agreed or disagreed with Marx and Engels’ ideology? Include a quote or set of quotes from the Manifesto to support your thoughts. For example, perhaps consider a most famous statement, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle” (Marx 1959, 7) and relate same to a French revolutionary in the late 18th century.

And remember, that the Manifesto was no mere philosophical theory rather it was a call for political action. Several websites are noted for key individuals, yet feel free to further explore these….