Selections from “The Histories” by Herodotus

Selections from “The Histories” by Herodotus. Herodotus chronicled the events of his time. Although his stories contain facts he also took some liberties with the events.
The 1998 comic book series 300 written and illustrated by Frank Miller. This graphic novel presents a fictional retelling of the three day event through the eyes of Leonidas of Sparta. Miller was inspired by the 1962 film The 300 Spartans which he had seen as a child. Also read the Text interview with <link is hidden> in a new window
The movie 300 produced in 2007. Hollywood adapted a film version of Miller’s comic by the same name.
Based on your reading of Worlds Together, Worlds Apart, and either Herodotus or the comic 300, as well as your viewing of the Hollywood film 300:

Analyze the historical context of the movie and either the writings of Herodotus or the comic as compared with what we know from history. Discuss the kinds of “liberties” the director chose take with the film version. In what ways is the film historically accurate and in what ways does it deviate from known history? From the comic? In what ways might the film make visible the limits of recorded <link is hidden> especially when analyzing something from thousands of years ago, what do we do with the idea of “accuracy”? When does it make sense to take “liberties” when addressing periods in history? Are there other film or media examples that might shed additional light on this discussion?

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