The Rise of Global Prophets and Philosophers: Alternative Visions to Secular Modernity

Your task is to choose an individual or group from the list noted below, and present an argument as to how they would have viewed the ideas found in the Communist Manifesto – simply put, would they have agreed or disagreed with Marx and Engels’ ideology? Include a quote or set of quotes from the Manifesto to support your thoughts. For example, perhaps consider a most famous statement, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle” (Marx 1959, 7) and relate same to a French revolutionary in the late 18th century.

And remember, that the Manifesto was no mere philosophical theory rather it was a call for political action. Several websites are noted for key individuals, yet feel free to further explore these men, women, and groups, providing links via the use of citations at the end of your post.

Check out the ESC Online Library’s history subject guideOpens in a new window for databases and other resources specific to history.

Required Reading: Manifesto of the Communist Party 1848Opens in a new window

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List of individuals/groups to choose from:

a French revolutionary in the last 18th century
Frederick William, King of Prussia
the “South American Liberator,” Simon Bolivar
an official of the imperial system of the Chinese emperor
a Russian serf or peasant
a European woman
an American suffragist
a member of the Arya Samaj movement in India
a Slavic nationalist such as Nikolai Danilevsky
a Japanese traditionalist such as Yamagata Arimoto
a Scottish author such as Samuel Smiles
a French businessman such as Narcisse Faucheur
a Japanese reformer such as Fukuzawa Yukichi
a Japanese businessman such as Shibuzawa Eiichi
an African pastoralist
an Egyptian worker on the building of the Suez Canal
an official of the Ottoman Empire

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