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Measuring Behavior

Refer to the Measuring Behavior Scoring Guide to ensure you understand the grading criteria for this assignment WHICH IS ATTACHED!!!!

Part 1: ObservationsFor the first part of this assignment, select two frequently occurring human behaviors that you can easily observe in your workplace or community. (If needed, you may substitute a character’s behavior that can be frequently observed on a favorite TV series.) Two different people should be observed, rather than two behaviors in one person. You are to practice observing behaviors inconspicuously. You must not make any attempt to share your observations, conduct any form of assessment, or intervene.

Using the guidelines in Chapter 5 of your Applied Behavior Analysis text, plan and conduct three separate observation sessions, each for 10–20 minutes, for each behavior you have….

Why do some employees become demotivated?

GroupMemberSection / Goals1 Intro/outline– Outline the presentation– Why is motivation important?– Why do some employees become demotivated?– What are the benefits of improved motivation?2 Advantages of financial motivation:– What are two main advantages of financial motivation?– Why does financial motivation work?– Example(s)– Why do employers/employees favour this method?3 Disadvantages of financial motivation:– What are the two main disadvantages of financialmotivation?– Why does financial motivation sometimes fail?– Example(s)– Why do employers/employees reject this method?4 Second method of motivation:– What is the method of motivation?– What is the theory behind it?– Example(s)?– Why is it better than financial motivation?5 Third method of motivation:– What is the method of motivation?– What is the theory behind it?– Example(s)?– Why is it better than financial motivation?6 Conclusion/Summary– Summary of main points– Are some….

Sport Psychology in the Media

Imagine you currently write a blog targeted at consumers of your profession, such as athletes, coaches, or other high performers. The purpose of your blog is to be a resource that informs and generates interest in potential clients about sport psychology and its benefits.

With this in mind, write a 2 to 4 page blog post based on a current performance event or topic in the media related to you professional interests and goals that can be informed by the field of sport psychology.

Complete the following:

Select a current performance event or topic in the media that could be informed by sports psychology. This event or topic can be related to sport, another performance context, or your chosen profession.Identify a sport psychology concept or principle related to….

Labor Market Analysis Dr Jones

Attached is the Example paper Labor Market Analysis please do not copy paper but focus on format. One of the most important aspects of career exploration is the ability to predict future employment in various geographical locations. The locations I wont you to focus is the Albany, Ga area. Before writing any plan, a labor market analysis should be completed to research local trends. This is the assurance that the occupation your client is considering is one that is viable.

In this assignment, you will collect national, regional, and local information regarding labor market trends in the occupational area you are interested in. You will also research your local community regarding this same occupational area.

Through your research, you will determine if you will support the development and….

W1-I-Hofstede Insights – Cultural Comparisons

W1-I-Hofstede Insights – Cultural Comparisons

– Please review the link below – Hofstede Insights Cultural Comparison.

– Pls see attached file: Using the Hofstede Insights Cultural Comparison, compare the dimensions of the countries represented by xxxxx

– For each dimension, explain the dimension, the differences based on the assessment, what challenges this might present in your project team and actions to be added to your Team Charter for country risk & opportunity considerations.

– Please compare to at least one (1) other countries of your choice (must be a country on a different continent)

Link: <link is hidden> />– use the attached excel document for your analysis. Add columns and rows as is helpful for your assessment.

Cancel student-loan indebtedness

Issue: Yes we should Cancel student-loan indebtednessThis must be stated either as a question (“Should ) or a whether-or-not statementFor the stated issue, state three (3) aspects of the issue that you think you will likely develop in your paper. Briefly state why you have chosen each aspect.You are not confined to three aspects only, but you must develop at least three. As you develop your paper, you may find other aspects that you deem more relevant, and may add or substitute those.

Discuss whether government actions against terrorism taken since the 9/11 attacks have struck the right balance between consequence management (emergency management) and homeland security

Discuss whether government actions against terrorism taken since the 9/11 attacks have struck the right balance between consequence management (emergency management) and homeland security. Briefly discuss how the current national homeland security incorporates emergency management. Provide at least two examples to support your opinion.

Make sure to use reference(s) and in-text citation(s) to support and to properly format them in accordance with APA.

Whataburger restaurant

This plan is for the Whataburger restaurantMarketing Goals and Objectives section which includes: the goals and objectives and then another section Marketing Strategy includes: Primary (and Secondary) Target Market, Overall Branding Strategy, Product Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Distribution/Supply Chain Strategy, and Integrated Marketing Communication (Promotion) Strategy

President Kennedy, Address on the Space Effort (1962)

– President Kennedy, Address on the Space Effort (1962)

Links to the materials are in this section of the course.

Write at least a paragraph (5 or more sentences) about the topic, how the topic is connected to the above materials, and why it is important or interesting to you. You will post the link to the article here so that your classmates can read it, and you and I can learn from one another. Once an article is posted, it cannot be used it again. It will be graded &quot;Complete&quot; for full marks, or &quot;Incomplete&quot; if no post is made or the post does not fulfill the requirements.

To earn a &quot;Complete:&quot;

– a link to the article should be included.

– the post should be at….