Labor Market Analysis Dr Jones

Attached is the Example paper Labor Market Analysis please do not copy paper but focus on format. One of the most important aspects of career exploration is the ability to predict future employment in various geographical locations. The locations I wont you to focus is the Albany, Ga area. Before writing any plan, a labor market analysis should be completed to research local trends. This is the assurance that the occupation your client is considering is one that is viable.

In this assignment, you will collect national, regional, and local information regarding labor market trends in the occupational area you are interested in. You will also research your local community regarding this same occupational area.

Through your research, you will determine if you will support the development and implementation of a plan that calls for the assigned vocational goal (occupation) in your community. You will then compare all of your data and write a two-page report summarizing your findings and recommendations.

Step 1: Assignment of an occupation. Choose an occupation that a client of yours may be interested in pursuing. Choose one that is realistic in your area.

Step 2: Determine the National and Regional trends. Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook at <link is hidden> (Links to an external site.). The occupation you have chosen will be listed in the OOH. Use their data to identify national and regional trends.

Step 3: Labor Market Survey. Perform a labor market survey in your community. You should contact at least 5 employers. Use the Labor Market Survey form in the Course Documents to keep track of and document your data.

Step 4: Labor Market Analysis Report. Write at least a two-page report summarizing the labor market information from both the OOH and your labor market research. Compare and contrast the differences between the national data and the local data. Cover projected openings, growth patterns, wages, and requirements. Write a brief paragraph at the end of your report indicating your support or lack thereof of that vocational goal in your community. Be sure your data supports your conclusion.
Step 5: Turn in your report by the assigned due date. Reports must be submitted in APA format. Final I would like for you to Reference this book.

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