Creativity and diversity

You are asked to write up the Study 1 on the topic of Creativity and Diversity that we have been running together from Week 2 on this module. The report should be 1500-2000 words. This is a maximum number of words and the word count does not include data extracts, citations or references (or tables, if these are used). Please see the guidelines in the Week 4 lectures and practicals on how this should be structured (You must use the Headings provided there for this report).
Please use size 12pt font and double-space if possible as this makes marking and feedback clearer when viewed within Turnitin.
The deadline for submission is 15.59 (one minute before 4pm) on Monday 9th November.
The steps required to complete the report (only) are outlined below:
1) Refer to the Week 2 Part 2 lectures for an Introduction to the topic. This also provides the structure for writing your Introductions. The PM recording of the lecture has clearer audio. Papers for this Introduction are in the Study 1 Papers folder
2) Work through the Week 2 practical to understand how to conduct an ethical interview. You will find the link to the ethics approval that you must fill in before interviewing one participant for around 10 minutes. The interview questions you should use are also in the Week 2 practical slides.
3) Transcribe your interview -this means type it out word for word as if it were a script for a play.
4) Download one (out of a choice of two) interview transcripts shared by fellow students and provided for you in the Transcripts folder under the Week 3 Moodle tab.
5) Use the Week 3 lecture and practical to analyse both these transcripts. This will involve generating codes and themes.
6) Finalise 2-3 themes across both the transcripts.
7) Write your report -you will see how each week’s tasks follow the structure of the report. Do this over Independent Study Week (Week 5).
8) Submit to Turnitin ahead of the deadline! Check your similarity etc, we will go through this after Independent Study Week, so please aim to have your draft ready before the Week 6 lecture.
So, here is a checklist:
• Completed Ethics approval form (link on Moodle, Week 2)
• Conducted one interview and transcribed it (and upload your transcript to Q2 of the Week 2 online quiz)
• Downloaded one additional transcript
• Analysed both transcripts
• Write your report

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