Is Americans’ constant exposure to advertising negatively (or positively) impacting its citizens, culture, and society?

Affluenza authors John de Graaf, David Wann, and Thomas H. Naylor describe the causes of affluenza in Chapters 11-16.

Is Americans’ constant exposure to advertising negatively (or positively) impacting its citizens, culture, and society?


3-5 typed pages, MLA

You will have at least 3 sources, one of which is the book Affluenza, your primary source. Create a Works Cited page to document all of your sources.

Sample Template Essay 2

Paragraph 1:

Constant exposure to advertising negatively/positively impacts America’s citizens, culture, and society. There are several reasons for this assertion. [List reasons that you plan to explain in the rest of the paper This reveals that … [explanation]. Therefore, [state thesis].

Paragraph 2: The question at issue,[copy the question you have chosen word for word, with the question mark in place…?] The second paragraph is the question you are answering throughout your paper. To answer the question, you will incorporate the Stephen Toumlin model of Claim, Support, Warrant and Backing. It will look something like this:

Is Americans’ constant exposure to advertising negatively (or positively) impacting its citizens, culture, and society? [Insert question] First, advertisements ….[reason]. When humans are exposed to advertising, … [explanation]. Second, most advertisements… [reason]. This means that … [explanation]. ]. More importantly, America’s constant exposure to advertisements … [reason]. This reveals that … [explanation]. In Affluenza’s Chapter 15, the authors explain, “[direct quote as evidence from primary source]” (de Graaf, Wann, Naylor, page). This excerpt from the text proves that…[explanation of evidence]. In Effective Advertising: Understanding When, How, and Why Advertising Works[insert title of secondary source], Gerard J. Tellis [author name]explains, “[direct quote from a credible secondary source]” (source). This reminds readers that …. [explanation of the evidence]. Therefore, Americans who are … [restate the claim].

Paragraph 3: Introduce and explain the opposing view. We cannot have an argument if it is not debatable. What is the opposing view? Explain and clarify the view opposed to your own. This should be at least five sentences in length.

Paragraph 4:

Refute the opposing view with your closed thesis sentence. Remember the closed thesis is your assertion with the reasons you will develop within the body of your paper. It should look something like this:

Americans’ constant exposure to advertising…. Several reasons support this idea. The negative (or positive) effects of constant exposure to advertising in America include _______________, _______________, and ______________. As a result, Americans… Consumers… [explanation].

The body paragraphs will develop and prove the reasons you have listed emphatically throughout your paper. Develop each paragraph thoroughly. Remember this is just a template. Develop ideas. NOTE: Paragraph 2 may need to be broken up into more than one paragraph.

Conclusion: The conclusion paragraph will summarize and clarify the reasons and explanation used in the body of your paper.

Your final page will be your Works Cited page which lists all of your sources. See below. You will have to add your third source to the Works Cited page.

Works Cited

De Graaf, John, David Wann, and Thomas H. Naylor. Affluenza. 3rd ed. Oakland, Berrett

Kohler, 2014. Print.

Tellis, Gerard J. Effective Advertising: Understanding When, How, and Why Advertising Works.

SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004. <link is hidden> (Links to an external site.) 4932-ba5d-d40706df66c0@sdc-v-


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