Theories of Personality at Emmanuel College

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I work as a senior communications officer in a 9-1-1 center. In my world, I typically see things as right or wrong but in my field, there is a lot of gray due to incoming emergencies never being the same. I am a people pleaser I want to do my best and be my best for everyone. I also get great pleasure in helping everyone I possibly can. If there is anything more about my personality please let me know.

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This assignment was designed by Dr. Kimberly Eretzian Smirles, who teaches Theories of Personality at Emmanuel College. For part one of this assignment, you will write your own autobiography. Describe your personality, including your main traits, your typical style and manner of interacting with people and stressful situations, the main features or “quirks” that make you unique, and the ways that others who know you well would describe you. How do you think you became the person you are today? What psychological, social, genetic, physical, or situational factors do you believe have most influenced your personality development? Be aware that your descriptions and analyses may change over the semester as you read, study, and do more introspection.

Application of Theories Paper: Choose two major theories presented in your textbook and apply them to your autobiography. Here you will re-examine your personality in terms of two different theories. (Smirles, 2002).

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