What are the dominant frames in news coverage of President Donald Trump’s ban on the TikTok app

1)This assignment is framing analysis. The topic I have chosen is “What are the dominant frames in news coverage of President Donald Trump’s ban on the TikTok app?”

2) The instruction is to use Nexis Uni dataset to pick five articles to write, and I have picked for you due to you are not allowed to enter the dataset of our school.

3)The whole assignment has five sections and details are in the document. The template also has been attached.

4)There is a section asked what sampling method to find five articles, the method that I use is “random”sampling method. I just pick top five of the lists. Key words to search are “Donald Trump and TikTok”.

5)The reference that you need is in PPT, and please do the correct in-text citations. There’s no more extra references needed outside of the instructions.

6) The pages should be 5-6 pages and please double check the checklist if anything is missing.

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