Puritans’ Errand and British attempt to tax the Colonists

Essay Instructions.

Each essay should begin with a thesis statement. The essays should be written in complete sentences and separated into paragraphs where appropriate. The first time a person is mentioned in the essay, he or she should be identified. For example: Spanish King Philip II or Indian Chief Powhatan. After that you can simply write, Philip II or Powhatan.

Always be sure to answer the question being asked. Relate each major point in your essay back to the question.

Discuss all the key terms in your essay. Only the question will appear on the exam. The key terms will not appear on the exam.

Fully explain everything in your essays. Never simply refer to something without explaining it. Do not generalize. The more specific the information in the essay, the better the grade. Always explain why an event is happening and the consequences of the event.

Essay Prompt:

1. The purpose of the Puritans’ Errand into the Wilderness was to create a perfect godly community that would be a model for the rest for the world. To achieve this perfect community, the Puritans wanted to establish well-ordered communities that tolerated neither dissent nor public disputes. Were they successful in suppressing dissent? What was the ultimate outcome of their Errand—was it successful?

In your answer, include a discussion of the social pressure to conform to the Puritan way, Puritan dissenter Anne Hutchinson, declension in the Puritan community, and the Puritans’ response to it.

(key terms: Social Pressure to Conform; Anne Hutchinson and antinomianism; declension: merchants and non-Puritans, 2d and 3d generation Puritan children, outlivers, expanding communities; jeremiads; Halfway Covenant; problems with Halfway Covenant)

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