Critical Thinking Research Project

Critical Thinking Research Project

Word limit: 500-1500 words maximum

This assessment task is an individual research project on YOURSELF. You are required to produce a Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) report on an Event Management establishment, as well as applying the KPIs strategies and technics on the internal company departments such as, Creative, Projects and Shared-Services.

KPIs are used in order to assess the company’s performance in their business units, division, departments and employees.


1. Find a reliable source that are focusing on topics related to KPIs creating and implication on companies, departments and employees.

2. Explain how would you set a company’s vision, goals and objectives based on metrics that leads you to measure the company’s performance accurately. It is very helpful in providing evidence that certain results have or have not been achieved.

3. Use quantitative indicator as it will be easier to understand in the form of

numbers and it can also be clearly seen through the graphs or tables.

Mention any necessary contracting or agreements that might be needed in order to create a full KPI Action Plan as said above in task 1, 2 and 3.

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The result and outcome out from your practice on KPI is to identify the improvement or the progress of the company’s performance such as their sales or rundown of the company from time to time. Also, this practice could identify the problem and solve it before it leads to another crisis

of the company or organization.

Suggested Structure:

• Introduction and Objectives

• Overall Company’s KPI

• Internal Departmental KPI

• Company’s Employee’s KPI

• Results and Outcomes

• Conclusion


professional quality and standard an important industry audience would expect).

• Your assignment should respect the word length, as indicated in the guidelines.

• Your assignment should be clearly marked with your exact FULL student name, student number and number of words.

• When you wish to report another author’s point of view, you should try to do this in your own words (paraphrase), and properly reference this accordingly.

• Any material taken from texts, electronic resources or the Internet must be acknowledged correctly.

The following questions will be answered on one page :

1-what is a key performance indicator (KPI)?

2- what is the KPIs do? with example?

3- how to build KPI?

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