Dating Coins, Dating with Coins

Grateful if you can write up an essay plan using the attached reading and readings below: based on the following:
1. Give an indicative title/topic
2. Pose a research questio
3 Include a short abstract

Schiffer, <link is hidden> 1972. “Archaeological Context and Systemic Context.” American Antiquity 47 2: 156–165.

for coins in context, read Lockyear, K. 2012. “Dating Coins, Dating with Coins.” Oxford Journal of Archaeology 31 2: 191–211.
for ancient documents in context, Bagnall, <link is hidden> 2011. Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East. Vol. 69. Berkeley: University of California Press. Read EITHER chapter 3 on archives OR chapter 6 on ostraca.
for archaeological reports in context: Hodder, I. 1989. “Writing Archaeology: Site Reports in Context.” Antiquity 63: 268–74.
for context in action: Barrett, J. (ed.) (2000), Cadbury Castle: Writing the Iron Age. London, English Heritage: 317-322. “Writing the Iron Age”

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