Ground Water in UAE

Originality: A policy report is not just a report on the literature or a research on some topics − developing the student’s own perspective or point of view on an issue and its solutions are essential. The report must demonstrate a deep understanding of the issue in hand, include applicable policy recommendations, and must be innovative (AND NOT A REPETITION OF ANY EXISTING POLICY).
( the suggested policy that you add, its already implemented in UAE from more than 25 years!!)

The following points must betaking into account in a serious manner:
1- It’s a ( Policy Issue paper )it should reflects (student’s own perspective or point of view on an issue) so it shouldn’t relate so much in other researcher work. Nevertheless, it is a local issue so the proposed solution (police) must be in that base.
2- It must produce a well-reasoned Policy Issue Paper
3- analysing the concepts, models, and instruments of public policy analysis studied in this subject
4- identify a policy issue,
5- analyze the problems (separating them from the symptoms),
6- identify all possible stakeholders and analyze the problem from different stakeholders’ perspectives ( return to the second instructions above I already all federal and local sectors, we have to use them not stakeholders in general as ( farmers, government, households).
7- analyze and compare possible policy outputs,
8- suggest the possible best policy options by using theories, evidence, and logic
9- avoid copying directly from any of the supporting evidences

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