Improving Fulfillment


Read: After you have read the CSCMP SCPro Fundamentals resources for this module, download and read Six Steps to Flawless Fulfillment (2014) by Zebra Fulfillment [link].

Directions: Select one of the high-level operational issues (from p. 5) that affect your own organization or an organization with which you have had past experience. Prepare a 1 to 2-page essay (plus title page and references) that describes the issue you selected and explain two potential solutions that would demonstrate how the six-step roadmap could improve warehouse processes in the organization. Ensure that your response meets the criteria listed in the attached grading rubric. Your paper should comply with APA formatting guidelines. Upload your paper as an MS Word compatible file to this assignment.
NOTE: For all Assignments in this course, you must support your work with properly cited and referenced concepts from the assigned reading. You will earn credit only for your own original work (paraphrase, do not quote). There is no credit for quoted content. Furthermore, using direct quotation without properly identifying it as such will result in a failing grade for the Assignment. For help distinguishing between paraphrasing and plagiarism, see The Writer’s Handbook [link]. Let your instructor know if you have any questions about this fundamental rule of scholarship.

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