Nutritional assessment

• Nutritional assessment. This section should discuss the nutritional quality of your prototype, with reference to the design brief and comparison to competitor products. We assessed nutritional values retrospectively; however, it is common to use software (like Foodworks) to explore the nutritional acceptability. You may conclude that the nutritional quality of your prototype is acceptable, or that formulation may need to be revisited.
o Present the nutrition information panel for your product. This must comply with the FSANZ standard on labelling. It should, at least, include the ingredient statement, mandatory nutritional values, and recommended dietary intakes. Check that the ingredient statement is compliant and includes all mandatory information, <link is hidden> declaration of characterising ingredients, additives, allergens.
o Calculate the health star rating using the Guide for Industry published at <link is hidden> uide-for-industry-document. Include your working.
o Discuss the nutritional quality of your prototype, referring to your design brief and considering the proposed market positioning for the product. How does it compare with competitors? Assess and provide a scholarly rationale for accepting or revising the formulation based on its nutritional quality (or alternatively, revising the product positioning).

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