Purpose of recommendations

Purpose of recommendations 

Peer 1

The topic of my report is sustainability in K-12 education in the United States. The problem I want to solve is the lack of exposure to topics related to environmentalism or social justice for K-12 students. Many students grow up not knowing the basics of sustainability issues, therefore they do not have the tools to meaningfully participate in real environmental solutions when they grow up. Sustainability issues will continue to increasingly impact the younger generation, so my preliminary recommendation is to implement sustainability as an integrated subject in the K-12 curriculum for students of all ages. My report will recommend specific strategies for integrating lessons about environmentalism into classrooms, such as including sustainability themes in projects, within core subjects, and as a stand-alone subject. I will look into who has the ability to make curriculum changes, and suggest policy tools for them to do so. 

Peer 2

The topic of my report is the work-life balance of Work-at-Home Parents during the pandemic. Many of the employees think working from home (WFH) can reduce the pressure of commuting and be more flexible. However, some Work-at-Home Parents are not fully prepared. They are facing troubles, such as overwork, interruptions at home, etc. To avoid bringing the pressure from work back to family life or let the troubles in life affect work performance, I will help them to reconcile the conflict between life and work. My report will provide a few useful strategies for overcoming the challenges of WFH, such as keeping consistent work hours, planning for each day, and having a conversation with the children. It is difficult to avoid all the challenges of WFH, but they must consider some strategies to solve the work-life imbalance to manage life more easily and perform well at work.

Peer 3

My research topic is to search for the various measures of suppressing COVID-19, and analyze the disadvantages an advantages of them. Since COVID-19 is a severe pandemic spread all around the world this year, and humans have not study a thorough solution to get rid of it, my report is going to find out the best(most suitable) measures of suppressing COVID-19. Recently, I have collect various information about suppressing COVID-19 for completing my final report. As my understanding of COVID-19 measures deepens, I recommend people choose to shelter at home and transfer their work into online, for workers in manufacturing and servicing, wearing medical masks, crossing work, and keeping contact among certain distance. Thus, we can decrease the risk of intensive contact. For my report, I hope more people can use the effective measures to avoid disease after reading my report.

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