Reflections on the Interview/Reflection

Forum Post 8: Reflections on the Interview/Reflection

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Initial Post:

I have begun reading your interview/reflections, and I have found them so interesting and meaningful (lots of smiles and head nods while reading so far!) For this forum post, please share a bit with your peers about your interview/reflection. This is relatively open-ended. You can choose what level of detail to include–I know some of these were personal. Please do not feel pressure to share anything you do not wish to share. You do need to share something, however. A brief paragraph is required.

Some ideas–something you found interesting or surprising, something that supported or conflicted with our course content, something new that you learned, something you found impactful, etc. Again, you can provide as much context as you would like to share. I hope this is an opportunity for you to share with each other about this assignment–and allow all of us to learn from one another. 

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