What has been the role of Information Technology in pushing Globalization?

Page One is to answer the following question with the attached readings/videos:
What has been the role of Information Technology in pushing Globalization? What are some examples of key ways this has happened? What are some new technologies that are pushing us to peak globalization? Is there any way to stop it? What are some potential obstacles or problems along the way? Does globalization lead to wealth or not?

Page Two is to answer the questions about the unit:
Write a journal entry reflecting on the assigned readings/videos/presentations.

Write at least 150 words.
Include and consider at least 3 examples from assigned course materials (readings, videos, or presentations) and cite them as evidence to discuss and reflect on how new technologies harmed or helped different historical individuals or groups.
Do not copy. Quote or paraphrase brief passages and cite the source of the examples as follows: (author/title). Include a page number if the source is published.

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