Is Globalization Responsible For The Increase In Conflicts In The World Today?

Topic:  Is globalization responsible for the increase in conflicts in the world today?


  • Read the assignment brief, assignment, and the assessment criteria through


  • Plan and organize your work carefully.
  • When you have completed your work, check it against the assessment criteria


  • Plagiarism or other forms of cheating will receive a ‘0’ grade and the matter will
  • be referred to the Academic Committee.
  • Papers submitted with more than a 20% Plagiarism score will not be graded.

Assignment Objectives:

Students are required to submit a structured 5 paragraph essay.

The essay must be minimum 1,000 / maximum 1,200 words counting content

only (without cover page, reference list, etc.).  You are required to research a

central question on the chosen topic and present and discuss origins and issues.

Through your research findings, you are to conclude on the impact the topic has

/ has had on people, communities, and environments.

Additional Requirements:

  • Research well and present your evidence using Harvard citation in your paragraphs
  • and a full reference list.
  • Write using formal language, avoiding contractions (it’s, don’t) and personal
  • pronouns (I, you, we) and only give your opinion in the conclusion.
  • Include a cover page and automatic table of contents.
  • Check grammar and spelling.
  • Table

Description automatically generatedCheck your essay against the assessment criteria below before submission.
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