Pressures for Cost Reductions

Topic – Pressures for Cost Reductions   , Refer topic in the textbook and also refer to three peer-reviewed articles attached to an email
Mandatory references: – Refer to topic from the attached textbook “Global Business Today 11E”Chapter 12: The Strategy of International Business
The reference should be:  
Hill, C. W. L. and Hult, G. T.  M. (2020).  Global Business Today (11th ed.).  New York, NY: McGraw Hill.               The citation would be (Hull & Hult, 2020)      Note:  Chapter location on textbook LO12-3 Understand how pressures for cost reductions and local responsiveness influence strategic choice. – 3 Library references attached to mail- Mandatorily refer to any 3 papers apart from textbooks while writing paper.

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