Professional and Career Development (Midterm)

Class: Professional and Career Development (Midterm)

Strengths Assessment Screenshot is attached.

The goal of the paper is to research my chosen major and concentration, and how these assessment results relate to/help my chosen major and concentration. My professor emphasized the synthesis of these 2 is the most important part of the paper. You can make up things about my personality or my career goals, that is fine by me. The first half-page to page should be explaining what my major and concentration is, and say interesting things that apply to you. The next page or two should be the industry research section. And lastly, a reflection of how my assessment results prove why I am a good fit for going into this industry and how it will help me in my future career.

Please e-mail or text me if you have any questions. The last time I used one of these services I received a zero with no refund from the company. I am hoping this does not happen again and you are able to provide a well-written paper for me.

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