System Testing and Verification

                                            Subject: System Testing and Verification

You are part of an Agile innovation software developer team.  And your team was tasked to conduct software testing   for the airport IT system.  The new airport will have lees employees and will provide faster passenger processing. This is to make the airport more efficient and more secure.

There will be three databases in the new Airport IT system where all will be on the premises.

  • Passenger database will record and authenticate each Passenger in the airport
  • Employee database will record and authenticate each Employee in the airport
  • Flight database will record each flight in the airport

And these databases have connection to external databases via fast and reliable data communication networks. Each database has its own input datafile. And all databases are connected to each other and to the airport IT system as well. This is a complex IT system with different hardware, software, data storage, data processing and data network connections.  Your task is to provide software testing solutions for this IT system.

The IT system will produce: Boarding Pass for each passenger, Report of daily Employees in the airport, and Aircraft Passenger List reports. These are the expected outputs from the new airport IT system.

Answer the following questions:

Question 1: You have two options (two approaches) for testing. a) Traditional Testing and b) Unit Testing. Explained the differences between two.  Why traditional testing is not a good choice for this case?

Question 2: Determine the input space partitions for unit testing. For example: You cannot use the input data file you prepared for Passenger, to test the Employee section of the IT system. You should consider generating special inputs for each section (if you selected Unit Testing).

Question 3: Explain the input values you would use for unit testing. And give four test input cases for each database. Write the test inputs that you would use to check the software for Passenger, Employee and Flights.

Question 4: Once you have done all unit testing one-by-one, then you must test the whole system This is the system testing section. Why do we need system testing for this new airport IT system?

Question 5: After months of product launch, you are getting of bug reports in your inbox. Angry users (passengers and the airport managers) are complaining that the IT system software isn’t working properly, and the server logs are filled with crashes. Something has gone horribly wrong despite your diligent testing. What likely went wrong and how you can modify your testing approach to ensure that your software is intuitive and error free.

APA Format and reference please

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