College students should have the freedom to choose their own courses

a) Make sure that your essay is an argumentative essay per se (not any other type). Any essay that is not argumentative will not be graded and the student will get an automatic failing grade. This is just like asking a specific question, and receiving an answer that has nothing to do with the question.

b) Make sure that your essay is an original essay; not copied from a source or submitted earlier to any earlier course. This is called plagiarism and it leads to immediate failure and other consequences. Also avoid copying a ready essay available on some sites or in some other venues, and bringing some changes to its wording to avoid similarity. Any suspicious work will be investigated. I trust that all my students have a high sense of integrity and will not be involved in such matters.

C) Your essay must include two types of references: in-text reference, and bibliography at the end. If you take a direct quote give credit to the author of that source. If you paraphrase other authors’ ideas, you still need to cite them. If other authors’ ideas are not documented, similarity will be calculated by turnitin.

D) In writing the introductory paragraph, make sure to use one of the commonly used introductory techniques. Make sure to present a debate or allude to it in the introduction, and to include an effective argumentative thesis statement.

E) Use statistics, examples and opinions of experts to support each developmental paragraph.

F) Make sure that you have supported all the topic sentences (and consequently the thesis statement). As you argue, make sure to concede if your opponents have a valid point

G) In the conclusion, give a brief exposition of the main ideas discussed in the body and make some relevant recommendation.

H) Write a list of references at the end of the essay.

I) Check your grammar, avoiding ungrammatical sentences, run-on, coma splice, fragments, etc.

J) Pay attention to indentation and punctuation marks, in addition to organization.

K) maintain Unity and Coherence.

L) Show your best and submit an essay that meets the college level.

M) I would expect no less than 750 words for this essay.

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