Gendered Histories & Current Event

Terms: Patriarcy, Sexism, MIsogyny & Misandry, Victim Blaming, Male Gaze, Rape Culture, Toxic Masuclinity, Wage Gap

Choose one term to research and write 15 sentences about a current event that highlights this term (or the issues surrounding it). You’ll need to do a little research so don’t forget to cite the news article, or enclyclopeida entry you use to define your term. You can also talk about the different “waves” of feminism or ideas in the video and reading.

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Analyzing Democracy in Hungary

**In this essay you will be writing as you are a civil servant working tasked with analysing an important the Democracy in Hungary.** Specifications: – Cover page – Content 1,500-2,000….

Agriculture, Food & Justice

Agriculture, Food & Justice Final essay instructions From your syllabus Final essay (30%). This is primarily a reflective essay, covering your interest in the course and your reactions to course….

The Power pages 243-325 (“Here It Comes”)

In this section, the narratives really begin to intertwine. For this homework assignment, please respond to each question listed below in a post of at least 400 words total. Use….