In which financial statement does Nestlé record goodwill & other intangible assets and which section?

This TMA requires you to apply the course concepts. The TMA is intended to:

Ø Assess students’ understanding of key learning points within chapter 1, 3, 4 and 5. 

Ø Increase the students’ knowledge about the reality of the advanced Accounting issues

Ø Develop students’ communication skills, such as memo writing, essay writing, analysis and presentation of material.

Ø Develop the students’ ability to understand and analyze different issues that corporations might face in real world.

Ø Develop basic ICT skills such as using the internet.

The TMA requires you to:

1- Review various study chapters in addition to supplementary materials.

2- Conduct a deep information search using the internet and your E-Library. You are expected to use E-library sources to support your answers. A minimum of 3 sources is required.

3- It’s imperative that you write your answer using your own words. Plagiarism will be penalized depending on its severity and according to AOU plagiarism policy.

4- You should use a Microsoft Office Word and Times New Roman Font of 12 points.

5- You should use Harvard referencing style for in-text citation and list of references.

For Cut-off date: Check LMS

The TMA Questions:


Each year, Nestle produces a detailed Annual Report, which consists of i) the Annual Review, ii) the Consolidated Financial Statements of the Nestle Group, iii) the Financial Statements of Nestle S.A., iv) the Corporate Governance Report, and v) the Compensation Report. 

Access the Nestlé home web page and download: Corporate Governance & Compensation Reports, Financial Statements for 2018 

Note: this file is available at:

Instructions: In light of your study of the course subjects and your readings through (the Internet – Nestlé Corporate Governance & Compensation Reports, Financial Statements for 2018 – the university e-library), answer the following questions:

(Always support your answer with relevant examples and suitable figures from the Nestlé’s annual report.) 

1) In which financial statement does Nestlé record goodwill & other intangible assets and which section? (State the numbers of goodwill & other intangible assets and the page number from the annual report(5 marks)

2) How much impairment did Nestlé report for goodwill & other intangible assets in 2018 & 2017? In which financial statement these charges are reported? In which section? Why? (7.5 marks)

3) Does Nestlé make any acquisitions during 2018? , and how these acquisitions affect the goodwill? (7.5 marks)

4) Determine the total amount of non-controlling interest for 2018 and state in which statement it is disclosed. Also, state the amounts of non-controlling interest share in Nestlé profit and Nestlé dividends for 2018. (5 marks)


1) Provide examples from the real world for successful and unsuccessful mergers and acquisitions cases in recent years and state the specific reasons behind their success or failure. (Do not provide general reasons behind success or failure & only one example should be provided for each case, any examples given dated before the year 2000 will not be considered).     (15 marks)

2) Explain in details ,the differences between the IFRS and GAAP (after FASB issued ASU 2017-04 to simplify the accounting for goodwill impairment) regarding the following:

– Assignment/allocation of goodwill. (i.e. The levels at which goodwill is assigned /allocated) 

– Impairment of goodwill and test(s) applied (i.e. Methods of determining impairment of goodwill)

– How impairment loss is recognized and allocated.(i.e. impairment loss[charge] calculation and allocation)

Answer this question in a tabular format, like the following one:

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