Introduction to Western Political theory

You must answer the question via the help of the books titled “Leviathan
or the Matter, Forme, & Power of a Common-wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civill” By Thomas Hobbes and “THE PRINCE Niccolo Machiavelli” By Machiavelli in the attachments

The question is: “Compare Hobbes and Machiavelli: does Hobbes accept Machiavelli’s proposition that man is bad? Justify your answer using chapter 13 of Hobbes’s book”.

12-point Times New Roman font, with one inch margins.

– The paper should begin with a “thesis statement” (about two or three lines
maximum) in which you answer the question posed by the instructor. The bulk of
the paper should then contain the proof of your answer, <link is hidden> the proof of the thesis

-Specifically, your paper should contain the following: (1) a specific and
identifiable thesis statement; (2) a coherent and consistent argument that does not
merely repeat class lectures but reveals independent thinking and proves your
thesis; (3) evidence from the text in support of your argument, with page
reference (in brackets); (4) proper formal written style (<link is hidden> no spelling/grammar
mistakes, no informal language, etc.) (5) short conclusion

They are analytic papers, not research papers. In
other words, the papers should contain your own reflections on, and reasoned
analysis of, the primary texts.

– Your paper will be graded on how well you prove your thesis statement through
the quality of your argument.

-The questions of the instructor can be answered without referring to secondary
sources. If you do consult contemporary scholarship, however, you must
reference it properly, using the Chicago or MLA Style Manual. Make sure that all
secondary sources are peer-reviewed journals or books. No Spark Notes, Ted
Talks, podcasts, on-line postings, blogs, Wikipedia or similar material.

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